The Best Neon Signs to Elevate An Office Space

The Best Neon Signs to Elevate An Office Space

Working from home or working in a hybrid environment has become the norm in 2024 – this phenomenon will not go away any time soon. According to the NHS report “6 simple tips to tackle working from home” Creating a dedicated workspace is crucial. A space that is comfortable yet professional-looking. We might be tempted to sit on the Sofa or even our bed but we require a fully functional space.


Adding a neon sign is a perfect finishing touch to your space that will make a statement. The bright ambiance will help create a great working space for you. With so many different options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best neon signs for an office space we think you’ll love.


This is where the magic happens

This gorgeous light-up word sign would look perfect anywhere a little magic happens! Wall mount it anywhere that needs a magical neon touch. The magic often happens in your office space, this is where you are creative, and this is where you showcase your skills and talent.

This sign is available in a range of neon colors so you can effortlessly match it with the theme of your office space.


Normal Gets you Nowhere

Handcrafted here in the UK, this high quality LED neon sign not only celebrates individuality and uniqueness but also serves as a constant reminder to embrace creativity and self-expression. With its empowering quote, this LED sign is designed to inspire and motivate, making it the ideal addition to any workspace that values thinking outside the box and breaking free from conformity. Let your home office shine with personality and distinction with this inspiring LED neon sign.


Get Shit Done

Motivate yourself and Boost productivity with our custom 'Get Shit Done' LED neon sign!

For those moments when you feel like working or getting through your task list, this sign can be your reminder to keep going. Our LED neon signs are handcrafted in the UK, and available in a range of colors. When switched on it delivers a beautifully ambient setting in the space. Handcrafted in the UK


This is My Happy Place


Elevate your home office or study into a haven of happiness with our delightful "This is Our Happy Place" LED neon sign. This heartwarming design encapsulates the essence of joy and togetherness, creating an atmosphere perfect for cultivating creativity and productivity. Whether it's a heartening accent for your workspace or a reminder of the love that fills your home office, our "This is Our Happy Place" neon sign sets the tone for warmth and inspiration, reminding you of the beauty found in shared experiences even as you work diligently towards your goals



All we have is Now


This 'ALL WE HAVE IS NOW' LED neon sign is a perfect mantra for reinforcing positive, self-belief or even just letting loose! Ideal for your home office. Available in a range of neon colors so you can match it with your color scheme effortlessly.



If you can't find a sign you’re looking for, we also offer a fully customizable neon sign service, simply choose what quote you want, along with color and font for a bespoke sign unique to your space. If you prefer to have a logo, we also offer a customizable LED logo service, simply upload your logo design and we will do a mock-up in 24 hours.


An LED Neon Sign is a really good addition to your home, take a look at our full range of LED Neon signs for homes.

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